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transmitted light. Reproduced on paper, it is but a simulacrum, and shows,

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to the physiological bend at the esophageal foramen in the diaphragm.

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of active causes — toxines, either auto, artificial, or objective

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and important is — allowing, of course, for a few exceptions which prove

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stated the advantages to be : — (1), the absence of any deformity,

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when this act is completed, they soon return to' their original

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induratum. Case V. is that of a girl previously operated on for cervical

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It would seem likely that intemperance, by diminishing the powers

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A Special Disease. — A Feculia/r Kind of Anmmia, generally asso-

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An ordinary medicine dropper (PI. XXIX, fig. 6) may be used for

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as may have change of climate, homoeopathy, or anything else.

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Safety Council in behalf of the extension of first-aid teaching to schools

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cording to the Bang system, but under ordinary conditions it is

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This patient presented no evidence of organic cardiovascular dis-

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ively vaccinated that such minor or individual shall not take, or be liable to take, the