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of a good deal of pain, which was allayed by morjAia.---

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intra-uterine chemical galvano-caustic, Apostoli, 370; laparotomy

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treated as an out-patient. There was no pain and no

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gardening and was the keenest of sportsmen. With him fishing

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who have undergone various kinds of immunotherapy over the

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The structure of the bones in the thorax at birth, too, is different

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wher« he will certainly find the intestine, let him thrust it

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escaped. The pulse became feeble, and temporary collapse followed. The

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graft occurs in three to five weeks. (The rapidity of healing de-

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of an inch in thickness. They are placed on each side of the uterus,

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Sj. ; syr. simplicis, ; ij. , aq. ad. Jj. M. Sig. —

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also a most peculiar hue all over the face, the ears burning hot, the

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tion instead of basking in contentment upon the foamy laurels

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more disposed to receive the new aliment to which they are unac-

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detention within thai area until they are dipped to the satisfaction of

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defective in one or other of the following respects : either the

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ourselves and to the particular affairs of the Institution with which we

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probably be established throughout the Indian region.

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hyperpyrexia, died suddenly without warning on the third day of the disease.

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of oxygen was sent to the house during the forenoon in case of

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refusal at each time, until the work is properly done. Boiled rice, roasted apples,

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however, the treatment was complex j for the waters were given

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H. OFPEnBnic: "Diseases of the Nerrons System," Sixth Edition, p. ISIO.

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