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os after high amputation. He considers, on the other
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Moves arms and uses hands without notable embarrass-
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1892 a. — Schmarotzertum in der Tierwelt <Zool. Vortriige, Leipz., Heft 10, pp.
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liter. A serum creatine kinase level was 744 U per liter
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such complications as polypi, fibromata, etc. When re-
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At times a fracture of the cranium can be easily demonstrated,
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that the greater facility in the use of the narrow knife
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the horse in such a position that no smith can put on a
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The question presents itself as to whether all ordinary clinical fevers
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pecially in the catarrhal variety, are red, irritable in ap-
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chemical explanations of vital phenomena, which belong to the
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with internal remedies. Glycerine may be employed in place of stramonium
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to the honour of the Sciences to which his life was devoted. He refused
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hits, he continued to work and saved many lives by his courage and untiring energy.
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Di'^ci-i i)li<ni of Fliiijuc. The disease may l^e contract^Ki
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as a rule, the waggon will only be required to move over made
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the sleeves of his coat or he would quilt the entire
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as one of 20 states to develop a Demonstration Diabetes
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is best to keep it as near to ioo° F. as possible.
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in the Chicago Polyclinic; Attending Surgeon to the Presbyterian Hospital; Sur-
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tis, which causes numerous narrowings of the urinary tubules,
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late Dr. Carl Rudei, formerly of Denver and later of Davos
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to each other, at intervals of about 2 mm. The nsevus was observed at
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This disease has also been observed in sheep, swine, goats, the
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mother, that it would not surprise me if a fit should
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train of symptoms, which are in the large majority of cases de-
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Scudder, C. L.. Congenital talipes equino-varus, 397, 424.