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pressed. We now refer particularly to the enforced rest
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Hepatic dysfunction, including increases in serum transaminases (AST and/or ALT), se
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by which the 2 combined with hemoglobin in the blood is rapidly de-
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The effects of transnasal fiberoptic bronchoscopy on
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severe inflammations but never developed clinical mastitis. These
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blankets, and the administration of stimulants by the rectum. Should signs
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days before the injection of the nitrile. This period was selected in
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is destroyed by a strong infusion of tobacco or by kerosene
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mittingly urge upon our clientele the great importance of at least
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Acetonitrile, 41.51 mgms., i. c., 3.1 mgms. per gm. mouse. Survived..
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Medicinal Treatment of Abortion. — Dr. A. Cordes of Geneva
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anterior faucial pillars being avoided if necessary. A stout knitting-
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Ordinarily it will be necessary to open the pleural camty, which is
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doses of from nine to eighteen grains, in a tablespoonful
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alimentary canal. Nothing is known as to when or where impregnation
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See here, reader: I hold in my hand an acorn and a plum-stone; little
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experiment. This gentleman says that in several experiments on
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Acute lobar pneumonia. Prevention and serum treatment. Plates 1-3.
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Aphonia. — The only feigned disease of the vocal organs
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amount of pain felt, but there was no recurrence of those rhythmical pains whick ar»
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