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2. Crossen, R. J. : Operative Gynecology. St. Louis: Mosby,

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tissue. If the case is not complicated with severe tympanites,

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The study of the Subcommittee on Maternal Mortality in

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lead foil. Fourth, the patient is further protected by means of

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one may well ask why more of us don’t get fat. The fact that

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withered scales being removed, and the skin beneath rendered soft, supple,

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the County Board of Health to elect a Superintendent ? Less than a majority of the County

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and pressure on the cord was not entertained, because the paralysis had

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which are given in the report of his first case. *' This method, the indications

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In the next stage, a lacy pattern of bone appears which

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tained the cause. I suspected the cause, but the patient would

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