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every stool containing blood should be saved for inspection. Care must be
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profile and urinalysis were normal. Chest x-ray and elec-
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Miller, Deborah June Durham, North Carolina January 22, 1950
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1893 a.— Parasitic diseases in the colony of Queensland. [Report dated Aug. 1]
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to take active, prompt, and persevering measures to
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men, anorexia, vomiting, intense but not persistent headache, violent and
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quantity is a powerful diaphoretic, as I have often experienced. I know a
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urine from one hundred and forty-seven infants. The
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rectum lay at a depth of 6 cms. It was opened and stitched. Four
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scrofulous disease of the lungs ; and which, for the reasons already
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night air is the great bugbear. Very soon this inactive, je-
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some direct injury or operation, it will be well to ex-
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and throat, giddiness and numbness and tingling in the limbs,
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beings or forage above. In such eases the ceiling of the
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ter proof that cerebral disturbance, the Tesult of a shock
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anterior lip and uterine wall formed an obstruction to the engagement
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Hysterical Anosmia and Ageusia. — I have heard of no
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" On leaving the surgical wards of the Hotel Dieu, on the 25th
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taken into consideration, but had been abandoned, because
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* Dr, A. FlemlDg, in ui oniclc id Ihc " Britbb and Foreign Itcdic*! Rertew,"
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was not found in one. In 12 cases supposed to be tumors of the
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young children in diapers seems to be critical. Day-care
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can hardly be definitely recognized side by side with
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Although one history (1883) mentions a pioneer clergyman in the future
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the extremities appears, first of the left side, and then more general
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