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the pattern already set by him, other investigators

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are sometimes attended with a discharge of blood, and of a viscid

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The raptus of affluxion occasions in many instances merely a tem-

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(Kossel) or purin (Fischer) groups. By decomposition

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into a venous radicle, the arterial pressure fell considerably.

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poured immediately after inoculation showed 800 colonies; plate poured after

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structed ol tapestry brick, Pennsylvania brown stone, and reinforced .<.,, ,, ,,t,. \.,„ ,-. excellent,

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(index below 80) distinctly abnormal, unless the reduced rate of urea

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taking was partly intended to prevent the tedious journeys

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Now this is exactly what I have found in many animals where this

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pearance : this is most frequent. At a still later period, we see

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the other a psychosis. The latter case. Cadet N., is in the next room and

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at least for the time being there is no inflammation of the adnexa.

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14th. — Intense headache this morning ; oppression at the

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operated upon has not been neglected. Mr. W. Hotten George contri-

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to the clinical type described at the beginning of this lecture.

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taken. This deplorable condition sliows the necessity of

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tuberculosis in animals is rare; he consulted 165 veter-

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duces pathological anatomy, but it does produce disturbed func-

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which those, nearest to one in life, feel they have the right to