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It was then found that his headache was still severe,
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After the publication of his first note, San Felice, in a series
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repay study. It is written by the Rev. Geo. B. Stevens, D.D.,
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clinical manifestation of the paralytic dilatation of
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and eat as much as we pleased of a plain, substantial
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and the general infiltration had become more marked. The papular
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for 1949, was also introduced. The past president re-
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Db. Johann Buloak records, in the CentralblaU of the 12th August,
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weeks, where otherwise, if they healed at all, months
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trived for the purpose of receiving the urine as it was secreted.
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he was bitterly and relentlessly pursued. Under ex-
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parts of the sulcus is separated from the fossa parieto-occipitalis
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occasions, and have been noticed before, hold good on
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The patient died. Both cases were thoroughly discussed.
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usually lies on that side so as to give free play to the uninjured lung.
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ment of Op)erations (Bailliere, London, 1904) that it is only necessary
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First. — It is rare that active pulmonary disease coexists ^vith
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is still wanting a full and implicit belief that the as yet mys-
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advantage over every American competitor — they are the largest consum-
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Burnam, J. Andrew; Assistant Resident in Otolaryngology
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most important is infection of any kind during operation or from local
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Cantharidis Tinctura (Tincture of Cantharides). An alcoholic
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The trial was entirely successful. After an eager gaze and a move-
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cal appearances characteristic of the disease and the re-