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the erysipelas coccus is not a pyogenic organism ; all the complications

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use of the haemostatic tonsil forceps, and on very exceptional

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rant preserve ; and having lubricated all parts with the sweetmeat, so as

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In this class of cases the discharge continues and is apt

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apt to .arise. It is, therefore, expedient to accustom

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278, Valeriana cilia! a. American valerian L. Used in nervous dis-

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hypotension (90/50 mmHg) which normalized following plasma expansion A patient who took 70 mg amlodipine and an

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has not quite swallowed up the first secondary wave though it has

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in its most malignant form, together with its infallible treatment and

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which has killed more people in the south of Russia than any

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Fiedler* reports thirteen cases. lie considers this disease,

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other children of the same family have been exposed. It can also be

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time he stooped to pick it up. When the regiment I served with

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Epstein practiced with good results the subcutaneous infusion of saline

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upon. Of this number eighty-seven involved the stomach, ninety-

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ill-cared-for children ; and it is not surprising that in rare instances

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of the attendant disease, or the poisonous action of the

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her into allowing me to perform the necessary operations. To

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are arranged. As the sheep shed is only 50 feet long, and

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The following officers were elected for the year ensuing,

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teems with useful articles, and denotes a healthy profession in the section

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its root was evacuated. Paresis of orbicularis muscle,