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3. In some cases pus is discharged into the oesophagus, stomach,

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A healthy port is infected by analogous means. It is thus that we

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matic nodosites, with which they may be confounded.

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contains certain constituents, agglutinogenic molecules, which one may

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Dr. Janeway's motion is made, namely, that the remarks

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tricts the two diseases have been often found together.

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In Table YII are presented the results of blood cultures in a series

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Crises, and to support the Strength . . . 266 — 280

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quantities, but is also exported to Germany and France. A large depot

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" Bacteria may act in three ways in the production of

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need sympathy and help. But let no man who suddenly awakens to this

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do everything, nor perhaps very much, and in manv cases

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some of them entirely destroyed. Cloudy swelling of the epithelium

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•5806 c. Calcutta. Royal botanical gardens. Annals. Vols. 1-

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the carrots and turnips, shank bone, and simmer two hours,

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in imaginative people simply because they felt they could not do

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halt. Necessary to compare the hocks. Some disqualifica-

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fever, August 25, 1938, was admitted to Ancker Hospital

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The results were magnificent. At the close of the week two of the

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carcinoma of the lower Up in a patient of 60 years.

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