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Treatment of Acne by the X-Rays.. — Mrs. D., aged
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reported in the literature, was from several months to 5
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Peroxide of lead has been utilised in experiments on bile (Maly),
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tuberculosis is to be explained by the rajud passage of tlie infective
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syphilization within Uie pale of our present physiological and pathological knowledge,
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Perhaps a headache required something, but very seldom. I was struck
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Stained cover-glass preparations revealed the bacilli. Bang
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originated by Pasteur. "The destruction with high temperature
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ration of the auditory canal in the cicatrix. Persistent cerebral
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Fig. 33.— Ear Cockle, showing Magne's work, WO are greatly
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vations on these points before entering into the sub-
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meals for from three to six weeks. In many of these cases we
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tigation of this side of the human system for them-
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midal decussation (fig. 8). At a slightly lower level than that out-
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the globe, while the excellence of its internal regulations placed
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traindicated. Erythropblcein did not appear to have any
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ments in Louisville has selected the Seelbach hotel as headquarters, the
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and a second one followed on the next day. At first
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drainage-tube in children to receive the discharge."
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therein indicated. The leucocyte count was ambiguous, ranging from
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of shaft of left femur at its middle third, the upper fragment protrudiug through
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into hospital on the evening of April 4, 1910, on the fourth day of
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in the mornings ; about this time she noticed that her hands were
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Parasitenk., Jena, v. 4 (7), pp. 210-212. [W a , W", \V'.]
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In the opening paragraph of the letter the writer has, we fear, commit-
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Reamy [Cincinnati Lancet- Clinic, July 26, 1890) operated on a case of