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complete, and in every case accompanied with a post-

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that is used for measurement of the (^-combining power of hemoglobin (page 382). In the form

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injecting only the anterior urethra. Moreover, in several of the cases the

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(1) Case for Diagnosis ; (?) Xantho-erythrodermia Perstans ... ... 59

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gree of excitation, which gives to the mind more vivacity and a disposition to

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proven to be untenable, while others are accepted because

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remembering the history of his illness, although after a few minutes he is able

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and to facilitate nursing care. Nursing and physical therapy

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for the benefit of some student in the Medical Col-

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there occurs a condition closely bordering on asphyxia,

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persists when the patient's attention is drawn away from himself,

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Introduction. Typhoid fever is a general infection with the bacillus

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Where there is a great excess of substance to be acted on, in compari-

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satisfactory evidence that they have completed a course

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The bowels had moved once or twice daily and the movements

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longs. Pitres and Vail lard, who have considered this

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re-rays to a number of these cases. There can no longer be any doubt that

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central growth and clear lateral expansions. In twenty-four

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tence. Even in the 38 cases reported by Ferrier, we

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diminished, and a somewhat retarded respiration. After four weeks'

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observed from year to year any gradual tendency among all diseases, to

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law, than any one, not aware of the facts, would probably be willing

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to that of the anterior wall of the oesophagus from before backward, even

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the Army of the Potonoao, to relieve Assistant-Surgeon Franklin Gmbe,