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where the C. V. is between 8 and 9 cm, ; and the nearer the C. Y. ap-

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The medical man is not the only person who is uneasy about

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The present number comprises 84 pages of reading matter?

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Williams, L. L., passed assistant surgeon. Relieved from

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these streptococci was fed to a pig indicates their low pathogenicity

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ring the blood-letting the patient gave up the ghost.

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suggested that there are some reasons for thinking that

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into lazy, selfish and profitless solitude as did too

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-34902 Peterson, R, and Haines, W. S. Text-book of legal

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Dae. By Epnraim ("utter, M.D., and Origin of the Salisbury

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may prove to be only temporary, or it may be of a recurrent

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the mite in their mouths, or from meddling with it and afterwards

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temples; the nose is not usually large, but of the Grecian form, unless the

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small proportion of the medical officers of the army

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but whether it was secondary to the myositis proper it

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cle tissue, he considered it impossible to say what the

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With regard to the origin of these tubular sequestra. Dr. Markoe ad-

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respecting animal heat and fever, and then under the in-

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hour. Do not boil the milk. Any utensil used for this purpose must be

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Here then. Gentlemen, was a number of lesions, existing in

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is destroyed by a strong infusion of tobacco or by kerosene

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was no extension of the disease in the medullary cavity below

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I2th, Case of Gen. Demesme, died of purulent absorp-

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and from which he has had exceedingly good results. It is easily performed,

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ing in the mucosa and sub-mucosa of the intestine. A vote of

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ment of extracranial carotid occlusive disease. Clin Neurosurg 1975; 22:214-263

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Another illustration, that of Bedenkep, quoted by the same author,

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tery bypass grafts by approximately 30%. 13 14 For exam-

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of patients coming to me asking me to kick the residents