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The interval might not be attended with danger to those around, but it was

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which are very common after typhoid fever. Dr. DaCosta

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with fermentative and putrefactive processes ; it being impos-

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Though admitted that medico-therapeutic means are indicated in

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consists almost exclusively of intra-articular injections, and he maintains

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tions. The repeated reference to the kinking of the

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attacked with uterine hemorrhage, which continued some days;

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forated floor, in addition to the coils of steam pipes, there

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The order of consecution in which the symptoms arise deter-

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of Lime rarely occurs alone in the urine; there is generally

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the thigh, the skin flaps retracted and the soft parts divided as ampu-

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except one, in which both pleural cavities were obliterated by old

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had been formerly in attendance was present at this examination ;

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strength diminishes, it can not stand, and lies down very often ; it

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chloroform, which removes other proteins from the saline solution leav-

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of no publication on the subject except a French work whose

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pleased with their action. This combination is not pleas-

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in mind, however, that the amount of serum which it is necessary to

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large part at least lies at a far distance from the gross

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large portion of the immediate ^ores of the lake in this vicinity is com-

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common with the spleen, thymus, and thyroid body, they in some

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way a permanent record obtained of some of its changes. It was

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zero and in the latter, to a level Corresponding to the degree of slowing

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cause them to require a more powerful stimulus. Let me give you

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have not offered any appreciable resistance to the passage of the

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terminated fatally. One child was seven months old, the other two and one-