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toms there would l)e no difficulty in discriminating Ix'tween them ;
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place. Then reduce to one-half in all cases. NORWOOD.
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removed a stone from the same man by the lateral operation.
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until both be completely divided. I say he is to hold the bistoury
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army, there is always an opportunity for such officers to be tempo-
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wish of full representation — on motion of Dr. A. II. Baker, of Cincinnati,
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I had an opportunity of examining two of these cases some
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It is manifestly improper to compare the average mortality of thousands
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an extended discussion of the so-called "causes of death" on the basis of a well-reasoned
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Born: The diabetologist had discovered that [when] a patient
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of the secretion, however, is variable, being more frequently in the
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than they had in the past. Furthermore, more than 90% of
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measurement in 24 hours being .40 inch on the 26th. The mean
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they suggest that in severe disturbances of hepatic function, there is a
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these patients that I consider of prime importance. These
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The eradication of the Lung Plague from fenced coun-
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case, speedy death. A well known and highly esteemed physi-
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and rearing of the exp>erimental animals was given in my previous
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renin-dependent hypertension, such as those with renovascu-
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Dr. Gairdner (Glasgow) said that, like the la<^t speaker, he was scarcely en-
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These preparations were suggested by similar preparations used
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monary areas are equal. The costo-diaphragmatic sinus on the left
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away, and especially that the contents of the work will then more closely agree with
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as already explained, the venous pulse tracing is qualitatively similar.
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ways. In several of these sections cut below the area of transverse
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do not recognise the distinction.^ I have notes of two cases in
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