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irritation to which they are exposed. The ulcerative stage may last for
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sonal characteristics, recognised by all who knew him ; and yet there was
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(the mitral valves, and the sigmoid valves of the aorta,) are concern-
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independent charge of his cases, and is free to follow whatever treat-
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the result of an examination of the fluid during the
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with in cases of chronic mucous catarrh ; a temporary dilatation
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Cardiologist to join established group of Internists with
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as he obeys the motion of the whip upon this side, take
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for this service, and in that case the applicant must pay, or the
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Bonome says that when dried they die within about ten days. In
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stages. Later, counter-irritants are demanded. Bhsters
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Belladonna is good, but remember that the dog is very susceptible to
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stage of Byphilis, and ii is in\ experience that ail
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ing invalids' beef-tea and soup Avould be of great benefit. The domestic
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Neither mother nor child was affected b} T the rays. — Ibid.
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Buckle's method being mainly deductive, the mental bias thence naturally ensaing,
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we owe, in great part, the accurate knowledge of the
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would bring together the active workers in allied fields.
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the non-seasonal, such as acute and chronic urticaria, angioneurotic
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Dr. Gardner said that in some quarters the treatment adopted
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accomplishment of his national duties the physician has not failed, and the
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reach him. Leprosy appears to be on the increase in Spain.
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wound gave no further trouble ; it granulated with-
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and were not usually accompanied by vomiting, paraesthesia or hemiopia.
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Other remedies which have a direct influence upon the
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' 'fat thing" for the apothecary, yet all things cannot be equable
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tion as indispensable to the medical profession of this State, and that