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or duodenum, and the break must be located and repaired. It may

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is not a vestige of any giant-cell structure; there is nothing of an interstitial

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muscular subject was selected, and a circular incision was

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to have something done earlier than by the other methods.

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beyond the expectation of the most sanguine, our agricul-

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believe that the conscientious surgeon would ever con-

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case centres wholly in the fact that it was cured by internal

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which evacuations are not necessary or indispensable, but that

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physician will not be found liable for an erroneous diagnosis.

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viduals of the class may possess will be noticed under the appro-

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The lesions found at the autopsy are characteristic of acute infec-

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practised for some six or seven years before his death.

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indicate a particular agent as its cause : when laryngitis is excited in

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by threads attached to the skin with collodion. To the catheter a

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septicaemia, and the atly increased moi iality :f inju-

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that the hematopoietic function was below normal delivery at the time

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men were desperately ill when brought on board ; the

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whether an animal has shelter or not. In clear, cold, dry

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the occurrence of war, when the military operations assume an

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the hands and feet. The condition of the skin improved during the early

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5. Under certain conditions (concentration of peptone large with

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must we be governed, and by the latter only. While prepar-

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The hot-water bath is given in the tub in the ordinary way except

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442 males; the proportion is somewhat less than that given by Dr. Roberts.

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her observe this general rule, whatever strengthens the child