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the tumours in Dr. Pringle's case were remarkably like these factors in
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Treatment of Anal Pruritus. — Try first irrigation and hot lotions
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University, but the proposal was so vigorously opposed by Monro secundus that
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beef tea possesses as a stimulant, but not as a nutritive agent.
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we may demonstrate in these fluids the presence, or absence, of this
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a large volume of gas ; this change is accompanied by the develop-
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tinder-box. With sulphur and phosphorus dispensed with
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ciety, Mr. Louis W. Hill, treasurer, and Joseph Prifrel,
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law of Norway, but leaves it to the discretion of the court to say whether
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necessary and the heart has shown alarming signs of weakness
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very well, though having moderate headache. No symptom
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In October, 1918, he had influenza with a maximum temperature of 102.6 F.
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turers who submit a suitable manuscript based on a presenta-
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patients, both adults, by this method ; but the diagnosis was not conclusive
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One-fourth of an acre was set to raspberrries, blackberries,
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up her attention and carry her back to the happy home of her
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which is distinguished from tbe rest clinically by a
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gram of educational hygiene. No piece of public health work
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Dr. Billings read his paper on arthritis deformans in Chicago at the
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the growth had diminished to two-fifths of its former
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The following figures, from a trustworthy source (14),
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not been reported. The questionnaires were to be filled out at
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research that has been made, is confessedly a terra incognita. The first
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study by the impartial Brookings Institution, in support
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all of which suffered, the former and latter especially,
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from which the patient starts with affright and then falls into a low
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forms of contagious disease. And as a part of this treat-
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tries, and lastly that worst of human plagues, consumption,