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Dr. Ingraham, of Illinois, delivered a discourse in favor of

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A cord is fastened to the stirrup, passed through a pulley at the

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dorsals, the head and neck should be used as levers,

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Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine. Volume I, No. 2, Decem-

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of lymph. "Well, it is neither flesh nor fat. It is the fluid or aqueous

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which they are joined by other veins which have been supplied by another artery.

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Morphine sulphate, 7().8 mgnis., i. e., 0.3 mgm. per giii. pig. Died 21 hours.

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Camphor Ice, for Chipped Lips, Hands, Sfc. — Take sper-

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oughly cooked. A defect in either case will result in corroding the cans or jars in

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but this number in my opinion should never be exceeded.