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ner, and, therefore, much oftener than the generality of men

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1. The larger nodule at the base of the epiglottis shows, on

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infection in the human subject, but the lesions themselves were more

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probably coincident with the conjunctivitis. The hyperemia

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tion. These shavings had better be well wet, when put in,

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sion of the hip-joint, as a rule, did not present the complications

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inaptness of phrase, slovenly contractions, and of rendering

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and will sleep several hours before being disturbed by the itching.

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ably, then only a conjectural diagnosis of the for-

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Treatment of Tuberculous Osteoarthritis by Injections of

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affections, as some persons may term it,) we have to treat it on the

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I have stated them in regard to the non-prognant cases,

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blown with the mouth. The bottle for this purpose, it is needless

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in dangerous places, as on the edge of a precipice in the dark, scaling a

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the great width of the cleft in the palate and the rudimentary horizon-

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with the virus, to instruct them in the initial symptoms of vac-

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longest period of vitality of the hog-cholera bacilli in the tissues of

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this distance no heat, they begin to feel, within two

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seemed broad, but were pliable and wanting in resistance. The bone

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1891 e. — Anatomische Studien iiber skandinavische Cestoden. [Read 11. Feb.]

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of ionized protein. (Recent work, by Noyes, Milner, and others, has rendered

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"Why, doctor, I think you must be insane !" said Harry to a

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and might enable him to hold on longer when trying to save a limb.

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infected localities, it has been determined that the disease appears, as a rule,