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ferable to prolonged existence with all the suffering of
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when the report closes, it enjoyed good health. — Revue Med. Jan. 1830.
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in that locality, even though it may not neutralise it or pre-
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co-operate in the betterment of medical service in industry and industrial
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the calf. To act properly on these occasions, great patience i»
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by the shape of the brain. Then, why should not the science of phrenology
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being originated in the Blue Shield office and sent to
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[Read before the Boston Homceopathic Medical Society.]
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however, the legs were found to be of equal length,
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sity of witnessing it during its different stages, and would doubtless lure
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esthesia might occur in syphilitic pseudo-tabes. The principal character-
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creased contractility of the stomach may depend upon the superven-
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Scarpa's triangle. Two injection pipes, provided with stop-cocks and with long
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general rules for the body of the same rigid applicability as in
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American physicians of our own times to stamp out the
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the above operation was carried out. He was found to be suffering from
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Dept. of Agriculture, Weather Bureau, Bulletin No. 3. The Rela-
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caeteris paribus, more severe in hot latitudes, countries
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an operation, by an electric shock, or by careful watching.
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reaction is not clue to paratyphoid infection. Diarrhea and ter-
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utes, after which the muscles relax and the animal be-
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be compelled to flood their auditoriums daily with sunlight.
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system, thus producing a sort of mixed action (voluntary and in-
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rian ganglion along the maxillary nerve. It becomes connected
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serum. Even though we are in possession of a drug or serum,
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symptoms improved so rapidly that in two or three days the case
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shoulder disarticulation, the deltoid and pectoralis major may be
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Corpus Act was still less than fifty years old. To us
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