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the nerve-trunk its fibers are accompanied by numerous cells

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velocity. If a wind is carrying the pollen horizontally while it is thus

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Navicular disease may be produced by resting a horse in

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suspended animation ; gave her some stimulants, but they did her

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correct in this; the glands are broken down. We will split the

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lerable clearness. From the tiuie of Hippocrates downwards,

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ratory facility with a dependable pickup system for fluid

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reduction in mitral E-F slope and mitral valve thickening,

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laid open and scraped on April 25. The patient was admitted to the Swedish

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enter as lieutenants and be promoted according to service. With-

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Dr. Andrews, in thanking the Association for this honour, said that

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Stevens, Walter Leslie, s, a, w, sp, Los Angeles, Cal. A.B. (U. of Southern

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becoming fully alive to the importance of thorough ventilation

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when in the bed-room with the patient — the "door closed

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4. Sylaba: Abst. in Folia Hematol., 1904, 1, 283, 589.

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attributed to inequality in the diffusibility of the two crystalloids through

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count by the mind employed in prosecuting its enquiries into

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so, that at one time I was about to introduce the trocar, for the

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wander aimlessly about the room but in other cases to try to escape through

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enemy, was hit by a bullet through the fleshy part of the thigh

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At Charkow, Russia, 1876, 3,550 examined, 5 trichinous.

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dia ; violent gastric irritability supervenes ; and tremors of the limbs and

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clots which had been allowed to fill wound-cavities did not multiply and

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the great lobe extended six or eight centimeters beyond the margin

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In February, 1949, he found himself to be suffering

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mens successifs, sans chaleur, sans rongeur, sans tension et gon-

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especially, his definite information as to the etiology, as the clicking ceased