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animals. My physiological experiments therefore, and not the

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Diffusion merely causes the various gases present in a

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end of the ascending frontal, and the hinder end of the middle and in-

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all the symptoms of malignant growth of the uterus. I

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more rapidly. In the more gradual forms this accident is usu-

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erable, with comparatively empty blood-vessels. The absorption is

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1 501. Medical officers and contract surgeons at their stations will

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have done the most thorough work, and that of Councilman is important

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narrates a case of this kind in a young lady, of ten months

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animal electricity is governed in its distribution through the system

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it thus: "That in those cases the toxic material does

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to twenty -six mouths, 2 for four years, 6 between six

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I cannot agree with those who consider it wrong vO limit the birth-

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man compared the effort to secure strictly U. S. P.

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base of left lung consolidated, temperature 104.2°, pulse 112,

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the Provincial Board of Health and we are considering opening a milk

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Aneurism 8 inches long on total convexity, 3 inches deep, 3^ inches wide,

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BAUIlENS, L.— On Military and Camp Hospitals, and the Health of Troops in the Field. 12mo. $1.25.

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way influenced the spread of epidemics of cholera in India either in time,

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An antiquarian might make himself immortal by writing a history of

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renin-dependent hypertension, such as those with renovascu-

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of climate, confirmation is afforded in the fact that the mortality of each

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wards, and suturing them to the edges of the wound in the neck.

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extent and excreted as simple or paired sulphates and as phosphates (see " Urine ").

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are. The degenerative changes in the cord frequently ex-

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statement however, is that these differences are inconstant, that they depend

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signs of focal lesions are much less rare, while emotional disturb-

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