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that we must look to some other cause, probably to some special action on the
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dition of bacterium life, capable of generating into tnie bacteria
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Gelatinous, infiltrated portions of the lungs are more or less
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nn the form of pigment deposits, or of colored amorphous masses.
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bacteria, both of those which may be carried to the part by the circulating
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treated at firft, it is eafily remedied, and the cure is
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way it is light and easily assimilated, and does not curdle in cheesy
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ment when these experiments have concluded. — Medical Press
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was good. The man, in consequence of the persistent tonic spasm of the
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comminuted, when the bone is broken into several fragments;
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were given at the same time antisyphilitic drugs, and it
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one and three hours, respectively, post-mortem, and
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nuclear cells usually somewhat smaller than large mononuclears,
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sick," were his apology for what he termed his " unoratorical
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The fatal issue which certainly attends the larger number of
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ing the finger through a small aperture opposite the necrosed
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those young men whose ardor leads them to investigate for themselves
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rectum, either by enema or suppository. For an enema there
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E. Dille. It was expected that the building would be
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behind the Tibia, and project half an inch behind its inner mai^gin ;
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a point of difference between present and former practice.
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with any degree of practical precision, the percentage of
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of war. Whatever amount of knowledge has been gained of the
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in reality small; and from this very fact the temptation
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infection in the most unpromising conditions, and by
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side of the right leg, an inch below the head of the
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under their influence; nothing approaching a permanent cure attends