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Our Elixir contains 45 grains of the Paraldehyd in each fluid
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We all place a high value upon the history of the case,
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what was transitory, and existed merely during the exhibition
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we have no need of waiting for four or five days to know
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As far as we have been able to determine, the case described by
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where he then was, I was requested to examine him again.
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in a great majority of the cases where a contagious disorder is found
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to the latest researches it is always a streptococcus infection. It
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not only of fluids or foreign bodies, but even of patho-
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ulcia, by declaring that / would never give my sanction to
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must acknowledge to be the best criterion by which they can be judged,,
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blebs or bullae should be resected and pleural abrasion or
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of success are not half as great as if the patient had been a day-
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any identity existed between the two forms of viros. Dr. Sulli-
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of Case o we should not hesitate to cut a nerve in the course of
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exciting conditions, a progressive loss of flesh is an unfavorable
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the operation, the wound was covered with a diphtheritic
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simply drain and wait. If sufficient endosteal tissue is thus preserved,
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nula, coated with a layer of paraffin or vaseline, into a vessel similarly
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Diagnosis Related Group appeal. An application to be
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carriage, with hydrophobin, typhoidin, and the like, have gone with
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Consequently the speech defect known as " amnesia verbalis " occurs
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nerves upon the musculature of the vessels. While the
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February 28— To Bryant & Douglass Book & Stationery Co., Kan-
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