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FouRNiER, A., M.D., Professor of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases at

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They are not made from the crude material, tut by dissolving the active principles in Alcohol in deflnitd

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period only 11 were treated, while in the five years previous 77

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subject of medical jurisprudence alone, he will never have a dull

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mandatory. Vascular reconstruction rarely is indicated.

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and muscular rigidity in the right iliac r^on, vomiting and intes-

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•6103 Watson, C. Encyclopaedia medica. Ed. C. W. 14 vols.

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over the region of the liver. During treatment the animal

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ammonia ; they even contrasted in a table its properties to those

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treatment, he confessed that the cure was much more

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tions are strictly impartial, and the successful can-

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tration. To this end a hearing has been held at the

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cord. In one of these, by Seguin, there was, apparently in connec-

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The blood pressure of the pregnant woman should be taken as

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needed. Verapamil is excreted in breast milk; therefore, nursing should be discontinued during

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mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the liver remains in a state

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corrected will soon and surely lead to results of the most appalling cha-

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tions echocardiographique et electrique endocavitaires au cours

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concluded that the rat fleas, having no rats to feed on, had attacked

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break. Sometimes crepitation may be felt by pressing the thumb

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specialists. One will be devotcjd to the work of soctic-

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years; 3 of 7 vears ; 3 of 10 je&rs J I of 12 years ; 1 of

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tion with the Ninety-sixth Annual Meeting of the Min-