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half an ounce; mix, and make one dose, which may be
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digital branches were then sought for. A rabbit was now killed,
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necropsy, it was thought probable that the streptococcus infection
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this class. Among the indigent another situation arises. If patients
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toneum. One loin may be unusually tympanitic on account of
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the holder of such certificate, before beginning practice, shall present the
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taken any thing during the preceding two days. In the course of the fourth day,
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shoulder in the course of a few hours becoming oedematous; the integument
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Cobb for the able and efficient manner in which he had presided over the body.
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remembered, were so much before the public eye, that
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Traumatism. — A boy of my acquaintance, engaging in a
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7th. Make one other pair of incisions, in length pro
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disease in question primarily affects the rural poor in de-
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of the calvarium and jaw, huge hands and enormous feet. The skin was
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Calabar, from Dahomey, and, possibly, from Banza Manteka on the
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procedure the greatest antiseptic precautions should be used.) The
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would not submit. Finally, exacerbations occurred in
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nor can inhaled particles of foreign matter, Kke coal-dust in a miner's lung,
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their vaccination. Dr. August Theodore Stanim, alter hav-
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ecystostomy, S. Clin. North America, 26:210, (March) 1938.
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should not be made of such water-proof material as to exclude it.
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Medical Thermometry. Although not set forth on the title page,
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permanganate, some of the former being occasionally swallowed.
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urinary matters. The formation of the cyst, therefore, depends
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