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catarrh, 3 pneumonia, 20 pleuritis, and 2 phthisis pulmonalis. Under
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1. To the rear, 2. MARCH, 3. Guide right (or left).
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with some power, the obstruction is usually, with no great diffi-
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until they end in the extreme ramifications known as air-cells.
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sensation as of cold water pouring over the head and
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could not be traced into the anterior pyramid, he concludes that the tract
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need be carried and its property of non-combustion.
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tion at the University. Discussion centered around the
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existence of the alleged internal cellular layer. So also, though in
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tions, and then to describe the myelitis seated in the cervical and lumbar
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thorough experiments made by the commission, it will be sufficient to
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centre so as to form a canal ; the thrombi may be recent and dark
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run its course and ended spontaneously. There was the
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tient, even the tumultuous excitement of the heart. A very important
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smears are obtained by scraping the dermis with a scalpel
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its course of lectures on the 25th of October. By private
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Smith wrote on the adoption of the potato as the na-
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and with a current of about four amperes passing through the primary.
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in capacity for lucidly expounding it. One-sixth is devoted to the
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some of these defective teeth are a deadly menace to their owners.