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** A Domino factum est istudet est mirabile in oculis nostris"

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faecal matter. They are to be regarded as hernial protrusions of the mucous

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now^ risen to 1023°, and the pulse to 120, weak and thready.

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with saline and hydrogen peroxide. Some bark; a little earth, and a

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for aggravating congestive heart failure. Propranolol may mask the clinical signs of devel-

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fected side and up on the opposite side, thus increasing

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J. Y., 392; Thorndike, W., 122; Vulpian, 534, 621; Wakefield, ,1.

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I cannot agree with those who consider it wrong vO limit the birth-

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although I have seen them both fail in checking or even in diminishing

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co-operate in the betterment of medical service in industry and industrial

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ing the removal of one of these hindering causes, tend to allow

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distal bypasses appeared to benefit most from treatment.

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initial physical examination consistently revealed a lethargic,

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Disease of the pleural cavity is shown : First, by a rather uni-

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direction, narrow as to range. It bends forward or back

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time directly proportional to the mass of growth material circulating

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Dccantation is the pouring off of a liquid from the sediment.

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by suture of a wounded artery — in one instance the common femoral, in the

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evening before. Each observation was conducted for six consecutive hours,

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glands be cut across, it will be noticed that small, yellow spots

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were incontestable have been observed. Sabouraud has drawn a

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dentition ; and that they are more alarming in such children as have

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Dr. J. B. Marvin : I have serious doubts as to the benefits to be

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It follows almost as a corollary from these observations

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putrescin and cadaverin. The primary poisonous products of bacteria are usually

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ingestion of food and continues for a considerable period