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call " interesting cases." He lacks what we call the scientific
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ordinary paint brush. Six hours after application these glue strips
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and particularly from leucocythsemia, by there being no appreciable
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the vaccine method in this disease. One can only speak as one
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cera by which they lose their primitive evenness. In
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of the normal sodium hydroxide had been added. While there was
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nitudine et colore, interdum tamen etiam lividae in
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In this patient, in whom there was uterine phlebitis and entrance
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and symptoms of the patient, I was practically certain it was a
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to the State Asylum for the Chronic Insane at Wernersville,
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/ '5737 Davis, J. B., and Thurnam, J. Crania Britannica.
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beginning to its close. Travel, as I have just stated,
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tations and mental anxiety, in. not a few instances, were the consequences
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them all out, the god asked him if he would still be
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Ludlow, of Cleveland (Annals of Surgery, June, 1905), reports a
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they assist in their removal by absorption. For they render
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and reference to Table 22 will show that, in this case, where the amount
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when no softness of the skull is discernable, the hydatid usually
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nary and general qualification of practitioners of whatever belief,
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practice, neurasthenia becomes a convenient cloak to cover manj^
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1963. Wood, Horatio C, IV, 2820 Vernon Place, Cincinnati, O. (45219)
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fields are physiologically limited to certain definite areas, which vary in
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also becomes less albuminous; -but it is only in the extreme cases that this
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The Public Health Journal is published on the tenth of each month. lU.OO per year
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a belt, no further attack occurred. Moreover, the patient was able
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Sex Education, Twelve Rules for Parents Regarding —
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broth culture for white mice, and {e) their effect on red blood cells.
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operation, but that, on the contrary, a paraly- occupy a proportionally very much larger part