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ture between 95^ and 105^ F. bring about decongestion of the tissues,
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Carey, Ebeh James, a, w, Los Angeles, Cal. S.B. (Creighton U.) '17; S.M.
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form, carbolic acid, salicylic acid, boric acid. Senger recom-
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*' After my early operations, I dressed my patients either with a wet cloth, or
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For the first two nights his headache was less severe. On the second day
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salts has been recommended to prevent deleterious influence of the bases,
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agreeable after-effects, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, faintness, and
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Pulfrich direct reading refractometer. With this instrument, the
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or where there is reason to believe that the obstruction
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our last number we briefly noticed the treatment recommended by M. Orfila,
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falls — generally to normal or subnormal, but there is no corre-
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and 26th, 1910, the six chapters being represented.
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attention to the fact that a certain order should be ob-
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not only for their sterling qualities both of head and heart, but to reverence
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depend for the most part upon malposition of the caecum. It will be
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roform or ether, and hence it should supersede both of
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evident that the distinction between medicine and surgery was well
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Broad worm, why thought to be folitary 387, 388, 389, 390
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friend’s response would have appeared reasonable and
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Patients with known CMV disease (colitis or pneumoni-
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stool for several days, this being due to a perverted volitional
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College, 1907) : Pritchard. William T., D.V.S., North Platte,
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nervous dyspnoea. Generally, the patients are seized with dyspnoea'
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be necessary now to be considered well up in the profession,
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Being a Don-nser of tobacco, we regard Dr. Gocbran's arguments as a Utile on-
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and lymph glands and growths or collections of cells in various