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D., Los Angeles, Cal. (Chicago Veterinary College, 1906) ;
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material in his line, but is he not sometimes too much
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the lungs which is vicarious of the menstrual flux. In cases of this char-
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By direction of the Secretary- of War, the leave of absence
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and here too we cannot but yield our approval, for among the many eminent men who
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minute at least should be allowed between each movement, and ten or
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effort exerted, the velocity with which it is performed, and
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I am justified in asserting that this is a case of " Lupus non-
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numbered only 4000, and the spleen has regained almost normal pro-
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be adopted to prevent as far as possible its spreading over the
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(45 percent) had attended other colleges and universities.
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ances and trained assistance so carefully insisted on as essen-
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ation we are considering has had a faint recognition in conse-
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where there had been hemoptysis at any period. The diuretic
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to the report. Diphtheria, fever, measles, and hooping-cough
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" Dulce est desipere in loco" says Horace, but some of you
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When marked anorexia existed and the o'-^er sjTnptoms were
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" sleepy staggers," " coma," " phrenitis," cerebritis," and " cere-
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defects 62 per cent., and of deaths 9-9 per cent. The commonest lesion
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the same things in the same way as those around them.
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medical mind, it came as an old story. Singularly enough, the
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not a few of the members of the Association before leaving Kentucky will
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in our grief, for while we were wrestling with mid-semesters the Pharmacists
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than that with which the carotid was tied. The situation of
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I will not read a paper this morning, and my reason for not
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vol. xliv., p. 578, 1857; and Gaz. M6d. No. 13, 1857.)
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residence in the Western Infirmary this pain did not trouble
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was not given too soon; for in 1861 the lancet appears to have
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(Franz Simon, Bernard, Brown -Sequard.) Fibrin, therefore, disappears