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the colon bacillus was found in pure culture in the abscess.

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result is explained by assuming that the deprivation of 2 causes large

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have distinguished themselves in public life and in private enter-

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arch of the pnbes; and if the case be one of retroversion in the third

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abdomen. It occurred in a fatal form from paracentesis per-

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be the duty of the chief State veterinarian to transmit monthly all money collected

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believing that the sun is about to shed its rays upon them, at once

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tender when they are done ; they will take about twenty min-

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New York; M.D. 1982, Universidad La Salle Escuela de

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muscles, forming large abscesses in the limb, the sides of

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formation about the cult that previously was withheld.

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* Kidney Diseases, Urinary Deposits, and Calculous Disorders. Third

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A case has been recently reported, in a Western medical

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mococcal flora of the mouth of the members of these households.

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hand much gas exists dip the cloth in cold water and

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Wunderlich (much more the clinical physician than Yirchow) is of

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(45 percent) had attended other colleges and universities.

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His results are briefly as follows: — (1) All rats and insects in a slii])

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the case presented some pretty severe symptoms, and not wishing

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he belongs to a short-lived family, we generally have

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conditions, which in itself indicates that none has

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tell you that the disease does not always assume the same forms in

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constantly in the flesh of horses; but this fact was not regarded as

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length of time from the commencement of the disease.

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ankle clonus is of frequent occurrence. Rigidity is not usually so

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fed lightly for a few days, and, without any other medical treat-

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surrounded by relatives, physicians, and friends. He remained uncon-

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History: Survey film on October 10, 1946, revealed a

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been from time to time imposed upon the movement and transporta-

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\ before he was to have started for overseas duty. He was a graduate of

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large doses of quinine will shorten the attack, or at least prevent serious com-