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Compulsory notification of scarlet fever originated in England quite a

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is now directed into a tube fixed in the aorta, it will be heard consonating

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Parotitis." Ihid., 1918, xxviii, pp. .•i77-3S5. ('.) "An Experimental Study of

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the supraorbital arch you will be able to feel the pul-

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inhabitants, the very accumulation of numbers makes a great show, and

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aorta, with effusion ofblood into the pericardium, was the cause

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an aggravated form, and to prove very rebellious to all kinds

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membranes and the membranes to the skull apt to be caused by

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all sustain this view of the situation, although two of

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the tissues. Fourth, the elimination of the waste ma-

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established only for anthrax. Today we call leprosy

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the rate was 55; the cardiac cycles measured 1.08 seconds; the P-R inter-

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at first^ having abated for some hours before death. The

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disease," and that so great a change in the result of surgical

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impairment of mental activity, and also of motion of

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upon the floor. But generally the person who has this disorder, is vexed

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organs become exhausted to an extent incompatible with the

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one has had its vicissitudes ; it has in the last few

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on by the Medical Department of the Army, it is of in-

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for which he may have a predilection, because they will not

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1926. Laws, George M., B.S., M.D., Associate Gynecologist, Pres-

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my work. I find these old people, although the operation is long (you

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has been spared to make it equal to Koch's Institute in

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It may be advisable as a further security now to put the patient in