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Dacca the disease prevailed among natives only, and in Sylhet among the

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fessor E. J. Phelps, of the Law School, and Professor

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(9) Recommend the use of masks by doctors, nurses, and attendants,

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performed. It only takes about ten minutes to do a perineorrhaphy

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The work of 0. B. Murphy and Rudolph Matas on arterior-

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woman on specific treatment from the second to the seventh

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joint. This treatment was continued for ten days, with the

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tion at the hands of the nurses, and in the evening began to answer ques-

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for the removal of a large goitre, extending into the mediastinum,

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the accident, they were photographed, and though somewhat

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coil of sinuses within the pelvis underneath the iliac fascia, while the other led

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larger part of the cavity of the abdomen. To the right

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severe, in one of which she seemed near dying. Soon after

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quite on the contrary, a spontaneous recovery is most exceptional

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acid to increase on account of the great buffer activity of peptone.

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, to continually think how to make sure that you preserve a

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bacteriologist, who found them full of tubercle ba-

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protecting it efficiently from the contact of the clothinp:. The

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agreed with Virchow that the " missing link " is not

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disease it comes on more slowly, is constant though ag-

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virus. Proof of this lies in the manner in which the disease is_

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compiled by the National Committee of Regional Accrediting Agencies of the United States.

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Post'-mortem : — Dilatation of heart, especially i^kt side —