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Alas! that such companionship should be so rare! That married
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wife was dying, and begging me to see her again. I visited her
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Pyrogallic and gallic acids, dry or moist, are at first
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must be kept down ; and if the sheep are on soft land,
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unless excused for cause by special action of the Faculty.
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On the following day, everything was progressing favorably*
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time everybody was satisfied " and thus ended the Sardinian revolt
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Col. J. W. S. McCullough, Chief Officer of Health, Ontario.
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modified scarlet fever there is now and then an exudation slightly
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himself but fails to do so. His movements are incoor-
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The pOHt-tnortem examination was made by Dr. Joseph
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disabled men are to be conveyed, so that they may be conveyed
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Laws are made and maintained by the thoughtful in a
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lungs had already been excavated by tuberculo-pneumonic phthisis ; and hence
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both diseased, one having a cyst the size of a pigeon's egg, the
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on any specific element found in this lesion, but on
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anterior margin of which is ccmvex and the posterior prolonged into
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of suppuration, all of a spherical form, though one is ar-
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chlorate of potash. Apiol had yielded him very good results.
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upper lip to be constantly excoriated. He received ozone
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advantages. That frequently the patients object to the pain
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of life that diagnosis is most difficult and uncertain; but it can hardly be
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shoe with two soles should be then buckled round the
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A return which is anxiously looked for after an action is Army
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vender, and stable requisites ; be held responsible for all
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with the assimilated rank of major; was authorized by Adjutant General Hoke