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excrements of the guts being usually retained ; but if it pro-
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highest duty known, that of the reproduction of the species.
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heart is due partially to the over-stimulation of the cardiac
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which case it invariably commenced at the hilus of the organ, so
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sinus on outer side above knee ; two profuse haemorrhages at intervals ;
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graft of experiment 32, while the spots separated nine days later
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a more typical form than in phthisis. The most exquisite exam-
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5. 'Tertiana carotica -, after two or three periods,
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numbers as in the control-eyes. A few preparations seem to show
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far more to blame for prolonged ulceration than any inherent defect in
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Emergency Medical Group at Palm Springs. Wed-Thurs. 15 hrs. $345-
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the conditions have been remedied to the satisfaction of the board.
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Oesophageal obstructions or choke, is an accident, a malady
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tion with the University. The building is still incomplete in many
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here ; and we must be satisfied with enquiring into the causes which
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action on the nerve-centres ; and is thus enabled to determine a severe
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while in an epileptic seizure, striking his back on the
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with a brief explanation of its role in the dissemination of malaria. 3 p. 1.,
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this agent to the medical men of the United States, and some years later Dr.
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by the faculty, in ordinary practice, as well as in
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lions could be calculated. The ratios of ^.-r ^^i at the various in-
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experimental work on animals. The antivivisectionists fail to
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Frewsburg, N. Y. We make no hesitation in saying, that
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skin and fascia. Turn back the cuff to the joint. Divide the mus-
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celluhtis with occasional disorganisation of the joint. Sometimes the
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7. A gentleman aged thirty-six; operation, February, 1873;