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in his own family; while another, who might derive much ad-
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remained vigorous, and on August 20, 1870, we excised a portion of the crural
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much danger of the most valuable kind of clinical instruction — that of
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below McBurney's point. It was tensely fluctuating and there was
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medical services, but I am inclined to believe that the figures I have
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the health of its citizens ; the importance and intimate rela-
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times to inspire a greater c{uantity of air, it was observed that in the
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in La Semaine Medicale, 1903; also Le Recueil de Mi'd. Vet.,
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U.S.A., havlnff been rendered supemuroeraty by the breaking up of
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was not recognized as prevalent in Philadelphia. Dur-
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In 1861, Trousseau said that neither in measles nor in scarlet fever could
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to relieve an itching in the auditory canal. A tampon may be left
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insures thorough mixing with the digestive juices. From their experi-
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more easily and more speedily retarded by the opposition of the
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February 13, 1920. Arsphenamine, 0.6 gram intra venousl}-.
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vomiting of coffee-ground material. As cancer progresses
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slight. Exaggerated sensitiveness to touch is called hyperesthesia
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had no effect on them. However, after waiting all night I got
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the material for this test would sometimes be difficult to obtain
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results, in that the sputum disappears more rapidly and the general
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sonogram through the liver (L) and right kidney (K) reveals no
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maxillary and cervical glands of the opposite side, as well as the other
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ing open the abdomen in one of the cases similar to those report-
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massage, accompanied with the administration of slowly acting
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met him, and, with profuse thanks, he said he had learned a lesson
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by first intention of these lacerations was given as the rule when they were not
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witnessed while they were still in his sight. The work