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those who supply it, to a very bad state of mind and
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surgeon as a hernia or a gastrostomy. But it must be kept in mind
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material, and the highly wrought structure of the heart, must furnish it
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Pain, then, which the Latins called dolor, angor, cruciatus, cruci-
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from any lesion containing a fair number of actively motile spirochetes
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they have time to call for help, and die without any apparent
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as to make the diagnosis perfectly easy. There cer-
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ing winter was spent at the South. He then entered the army, and
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rrom that time, she suffered the same distressing sensations when
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the frost. We have at hand no record of the grapes for 1896.
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Sixteen hours after death. Body extremely emaciated; the left
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cent, of the cases in which bacteriological confirmation is obtained.
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Fractures of the thigh-bone constitute an important class
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is condensed by the everlasting hills, and is carried to
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arsenic is freely used in their manufacture. — Lancet, July
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further action from what they drink, and this majority
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cate my view of the disease in any other manner more perspicuously than I have
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axillary space is invaded, that drainage ought to be practiced. I always
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Balbaud, of Cherbourg, has tried this method in eight
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from wasting diseases and cancer of the digit. (See Registrar-