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J. J. Middleton, M.D., Toronto, D.P.H., Queen's College, Belfast,

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forms of inflammation within the chest. I by no means contend

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smaller and weaker ; and, without any special complaint of pain or

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Birmingham 19 5, Bradford 17.4, Cardiff 13.5, Gateshead 21.5,

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it should be denuded of its periosteum, which is loosely attached and

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and in indicating a rational treatment of it, and when the poisons (ptomaines)

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destined to work profound changes in our views of both phy-

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sections. We recognize all the way through the article a familiar foe with

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tinue its existence. I will cease, at this point, enumerating the sins

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the botanic practice — -and it certainly is not slight

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2. To the creation of the office of the County Medical Officer of

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accomplished 11. In certain situations it can be made to bear upon the artery alone^ It

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truth. Thereupon the host, who was a pronounced believer in

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glass, and a centrifugal holding a number of test bottles.

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over the tumour clean and dry so as to lessen chances of irritation.

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minutes. After this he became; uncoiixciouH and wa»

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gained considerably in weight, became sleek and well covered, and the

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find a cup, but rather a boggy mass, from which the

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and urine of patients suffering from typhoid fever a substance speci-

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obtain perfect sterilization of sheets, towels, dressings,

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