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If a woman can thus mold a man's destiny, even more true is it
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confirmed. Directing the husband to give more ether, —
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there is no question of a vicious circle. He does not refer to
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temperament, race, age, sex, climate, occupation, etc., en-
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is very manifest and when handled its contents are found
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with difficulty, and seemed to have lost the control over
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psychic effects, and is really the most harmless of our fashion-
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first is normal ; the latter are abnormal. It also determines
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and Nairn, the following operation was performed : — An
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and varied, which is usually the case when mortal man seeks to pene-
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tions upon the minute anatomy of the teeth and their his-
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instruction, etc. The President of the Republic has recently ap-
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as continuously as possible. These soothe alike tlie super-
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skin, and predisposing a person to inflammatory affections and con-
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solution of iodine and plugging. The result was undoubted but
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wards, and suturing them to the edges of the wound in the neck.
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of treatment now employed by the surgeon in the healing
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There has been nothing lately at the General Hospital.
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of albumen into the urine is due to abnormal increase of blood
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none which would cause any serious inconvenience to
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In her sleep she had a dream. It appeared to her that
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simple in the hypertrophied gland. If enucleation be attempted, it
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Sig. — One powder each day, for five days preceding
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Mulholand, of Pennsylvania; J. M. Hole, of Ohio; J. F.
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infantile paralysis is often wrongly diagnosed by the gen-
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ment. ad'Aphor. 35. Sc&. 5. png, 215. ' b Tabul 13, 14.
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