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when necessary. Nurses trained by Dr. Johnson are in attendance.

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Briggs, Albert H., 267 Hudson St., Buffalo, Erie Co. Original.

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the symptoms of facial neuralgia were relieved by tfie suppuration

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■thenic fevers, it follows that these salts have a double action, and are

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the habits of life, for the astonishing increase of dis-

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(as well as in the alcoholic and cardiac forms of diabetic coma) the diagnosis

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Ohio, Surgeon Enoch Pearce, U.S.Y., is honorably discharged on aoeoont

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enlarged. With 54 illustrations ; pp. x + 267. Price 5s. net. Edinburgh : E. and S.

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lobe of the cerebrum so as to expose the gland. The other, elaborated

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ment, along much the same lines as mine, excepting only

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eigliteen, which, during the twenty years of its ex-

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on the air passages. I gave six treatments ; distance, 6

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or diseased liver, or of a diseased and incompetent heart — a

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in any of the cases where we had reason to know that the

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become much worse. ! I • r menstruation had been reg-

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let the head down. Never seize the tongue or pinch the

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well-marked pneumonia in a siwt which, I think, one often fails to

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gery; trauma; severe metabolic, endocrine, or electrolyte disorders; or uncontrolled epilepsy.

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personage, who seem3 to be in the interest of the husband. His inter-

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One noisily demented patient is quite capable of dis-

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by the enormously increased tendency to use artificial means to

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of numerous joints. Each joint seemed to possess the power, so long as it

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The end-to-end anastomosis is preferable following resection.

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sometimes acted beneficially. The last-named might be effected by leeching,