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two or three defectives who were also malingerers. As this was only a
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was thought well to put him under a course of mercury. This treatment,
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graphy and Nihilism in Therapeutics. — Necessity of associating
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" The suppression of the thyroid secretion reduces the irritabiUty of the
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notes. Thus the first comprehensive Porro record was
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and equipment sale or lease. Reason for sale — retiring.
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Jamaica; a colony still haunted by a certain fear — utterly groundless, as I
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result. However, in the afternoon a violent rigor came on, and
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Wiggers, C. J. : The Circulation in Health and Disease, Philadelphia, 1915.
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sources at our disposal. You may have noticed that two of these
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diagnose his own case, and determine to what extent each
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Therapeutics and Materia Medica was published in Sep-
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to what I conceive the cause of dysentery, or flux, but as there
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the appearance of Louis's monograph. To remove any doubt
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order that the disposal of the patients may be expeditiously
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The claim is made by Bosworth, Bowditch and Giblin that by the
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weight, one gained a few pounds at first but lost it again later, and on the whole
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and thousands of pounds. The facts are chronicled by Sir
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course to be pursued. This fear must be overcome if
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which, after excision of a portion of the lingual branch of the fifth
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Amyloid degeneration of the kidneys is nearly always the
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and the least of his silver porringers, and all the books and
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" Jane, I love you ! Will you marry me ?"" would be somewhat
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Ues ventro-mesial to the inferior olivary nucleus. Its transverse
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]\Iedical Jurisprudence in the University of Edinburgh, and
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we may demonstrate in these fluids the presence, or absence, of this
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years of practice in the business. This is not a very hard
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years the physically defective entrants whom the education authority
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esthesia and the chest wall closed. A slight superficial infection of
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one of an internal, the other of an external ing-uinal hernia. Plates 18, 19, and 21,
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above the clamp (Fig. 42). This is known as partial heart-block, and