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* Read before the Thirty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Association of

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bacteriologic examination of the discharge from the conjunctiva.

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Carroll. Dr. Alfred L. , 420, 447 ; consultation with irregu-

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than two weeks, hence in the present experiments it is possible that a larger

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These facts will be discussed in a subsequent paper.

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may persist long after the other symptoms have disappeared.

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better than he had for a long time. This circumstance

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was a discussion on Cerebro-spinal Meningitis. The discussion

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the total volume of air shrinks. This shrinkage is indicated by the meter, and a corresponding

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to disparage its usefulness. In order to obtain reliable

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ters are very often involved in the pathological process in such a

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kind of tremor. It usually begins in the right hand and with what

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June 18th. — Bandage .slit up and sinuses examined.

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he considered himself in usual health. On the second day from the first

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capsicum, tincture of red cinchona, hydrastis canadensis,

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vent too much compression. The forceps takes a better hold,

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on the tenth day of October in the year of our Lord

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One pound of coffee should be made to last a family of ten

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