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Leucocytes ... ... ... ... 14,000 per cubic millimetre.
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Ophthalmic Surgem and Lecturer to St. Thomas' Hospital, London.
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produce the required increase of strength, activity,
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The bed should be dry, warm, and well ventilated. I
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actually be observed in suitably stained microscopic preparations.
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it was impossible to dissociate the matted nerves and the extent of the scar
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Assistant-Surgeon George 8. Kose, U.S. Y., has been assigned to dnty as
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I do not for a moment undervalue the importance of employing
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quantity of sohds passed in twenty-four hours is in excess.
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theatre of the Faculty of Medicine. There was a large attendance
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to the diagnosis of sinus thrombosis ; and indications of local venous
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with some chronic inflammation which injures the wind of the horse.
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During the later periods of childhood, a different set of conditions
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tration of this he further related the case in which a woman in
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downward and to the left in the sixth intercostal space; and the
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breech-loading rifle, known, after the name of its inventor, as the
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Dr. DoBE agreed with the President and others that this seemed to be