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half-ounce doses, every four hours. Apply ice to the head, and

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will give increased power of maintaining velocity during its flight,

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reported in the work of MM. Gros and Lancere'aux.^ The symptoms

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to this group of diseases. In a previous lecture, the connection

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supposedly to be treated for sciatica. In every case they have been

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Roentgen's rays might, as electric lamps have been, be introduced into the

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being first made, and then the wire under induction connected with

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childlike simplicity of the patient rendered this statement rather

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zootic eczema is very contagious indeed, but is not

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syphilis, it is no proof that they do not exist, for if

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empty stomach. This causes a certain amount of diu-

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the etherization was followed by diarrhoea, and the stools in two

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compression had been used with or without success in the treatment of various

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It renders it, however, capable of resisting the powers

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gitis, but in tuberculous meningitis, especially in children, its presence is not

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be knowledgeable on all health issues, so they appreciate

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produced this cure ; and if practitioners would pro-

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few patients dying of meningitis, typhoid fever, etc. B. influenzae of

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papers. As it is now fully two months suice the appeals were sent out,

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9, 1894 (No. 475); South Pass, August 31, 1894 (No. 1184).

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predispositions of those he attends, is more likely to be successful in his treat-

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uses the protoxyde of azote as an anaesthetic in the extraction

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was by first intention. Yesterday, for the first time, the woman was

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HAMMOND, William P., 401 Main St., Charlestown, Boston