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informal, without any records being made; each side would
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the anterior roots of the nerves in the sacral region. A
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symptoms of intestinal worms and the passage of the ripe
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blue : he complained of severe tingling and burning i)ains in the
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exudation, 49 ; variations in the form of the pneu-
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should be allowed to run off quite largely, before any is used. The
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epidemiological record, it is clear that yellow fever, if it existed at all,
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with impaired liver function. In very severe cases of diabetes, for ex-
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shape, and consistence of renal tumors, but enables us to de-
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which were devoid of fungus, and cleared up in the usual way.
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Military Training.— The peace life of a soldier's horse
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No. 4,) records the case of a woman, aged thirty-six, who, after passing
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the other in his exercise after a period of idleness.
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fluids into that cavity, without any rational grounds for such
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much in different individuals. Some do not complain and show no evidence
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produced by the action of potash on icteric urine. The coloration may be
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tained in the protoplasm of the leukocytes consist of substances
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to the bony points as by this means the dressing secures an effective
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the development of the bacteria of putrefaction in the
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