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throsis, in a young girl aged 7. Began one year ago, and has
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At the autopsy the pericardium was healthy, the heart was enlarged,
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day the aid of his opinion to decide whether I am light
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recreation of the convalescent patients in hospital, or
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tics, and after the ejection of the plates the symptoms of obstruction
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lapsed portion of lung may remain in this condition for a long
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tient awakes in a condition much better fitted to con-
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powers, has made himself pre-eminently great by incessant,
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impending of rupture. A fovourite position of the arms is the foldiag tb«(ii over the
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In the. first fifty cases the chloroform was adminis-
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per gallon), would cost $G.25 per gallon, together with the cost of man-
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disturbances of the mind, or an abnormal condition of the blood.
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The morning, before break&st, is the best time for
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rule it is a nervous, irritably constituted horse that weaves,
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air collected in the large and in the small spirometers; if they are not so, the condi-
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nent, and which is the later stage of rheumatoid arthritis ; speaking of
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In some eases there is complete retention of urine,
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either normal or the seat of haemorrhages and of parenchymatous degenera-
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for unloading cream from gatherers' wagons ; cost, $200. These features
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Furthermore, there is usually much more sickness the first
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Of these latter, 6 were also alcoholic, making in all a total of 40 per
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arrives in the deeper parts of the lung; since it has already lost some
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J?</'0r«»cM;— James R. Wood, M.D., Lxwis A Satbs, M.D., BrBPum
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acute otitis media, double facial palsy. On the .right side, free incision of
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in the supraspinous fossa and the inter-scapular regions, but
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the 3 preceding weeks had numbered 84, 64, ana 64, respectively,
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bacillus tuberculosis and the bacillus of lepra, produce lesions which
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apparently confined to flocks in which a suspicion of scab existed, and