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parties to be heavily fined for violating the injunction of the
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Obesity and its Treatment. — Ebstein, of Wiesbaden,
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where the dulness is continued up to the seventh rib in the
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The sphincter ani is paralysed, but as the rectum is not interfered with
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it is desired to produce it at a reasonable figure for general use.
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always supposed it was the duty of the physician —
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rest of the patient for at least three months, in a well-
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of this kind on record is a case reported by Barlow. A boy aged 10,
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must remove all metallic substances from their pockets and clothing.
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curs in muscles when the motor nerves are divided, or the an-
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to nasal obstruction, and the table is a large one, and he then proceeds
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joint-injury is obvious, viz.: anchylosis; in like manner
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Sadick, Neil Scott. Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine.
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the puncture was enlarged with a stroke of the bistoury, a free
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than any other. In the first place, we do not know what the
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pre-neurasthenic. Every day lived through produces its
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ordinary heels of leather means a harsh, sudden impact which jars the whole
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mandatory. Vascular reconstruction rarely is indicated.
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Nutrient Enemata. — 1. Beef tea, three ounces; yolk
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In presenting this subject for the consideration of
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1. The evacuation wards are those reserved for patients who are to be
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number of cases is about 7 per cent. It occurred in 118 cases of this series
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the skin are sympathetic, that is with other organs of the body, and do
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other symptom. It is not uncommon to find it in healthy ani-
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present, and very often, associated with it, disease of the bron-
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little physiological activity, owing probably to some
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party of the second part will cheerfully be governed by such additional
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