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to the Journal du Nord, No. 80, by A. Adams, adjunct member of the Academy

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analysis of urine had barely started. The clinical thermometer was not in use, al-

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acid by simple recrystallization, even in the presence of sodium acetate.

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Communications should be addressed to the Secretary of the Coimcil.

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1859; M. D. (Dart.) 1862; (Coll. Phys. & Surg.)- 1863. Mem.

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is comprehended as the vast field of public hygiene. The fact must not

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evitable that there is sound economy as well as mercy in the

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volume of the fluid to flow out of a standard pipette (10 c.c.) shows the

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admittedly far from exact it forms nevertheless an integral part of the Carrel-

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Modern History. [Required of preparatory students.]

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of studies form a most valuable work in obstetric literature.

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„ „ electrical reaction of muscles in, 267, 278.

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Although each person was instructed to set the calipers to the

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a cursory examination disclosing no special danger of fatal haem-

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body, to justify the honor paid to this branch of study, which has

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Lucas, C. P. Dolan, William Netter, and J. G. Bemis. W. H. Fisher, a homeopath

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living for ; yes, it is well worth living for, through even a

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Percutaneous Fine-Needle Biopsy Using Direct Imaging Techniques

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marvellous safeguards in the way of health protection and police

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liver. In the terminal illness the heart continued regular at the rate of 100 beats

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together in the same mind : so that he who has extraordinary